Imagine...walking into any local business and instantly having them want to hire you...

Learn what business owners want and how to make them never want to leave you… even if you haven't signed a client yet!

If you never want to work with cheap clients...and ONLY work with clients that have the financial resources...

amazing clients that will happily pay you what you are actually worth,
this could be the most exciting letter you’ll read…

With all of the marketing hype in the industry, I’ll let some of my mega-successful students give you an idea about what is possible…

Made over $7000 USD

"I signed up when it first came out and didn't take action and then paid again to join OFM.  I quickly sold funnels to two clients here in the UK.  Both deals were for around £3k each (over $7000!). Many thanks!”

Simon Kensington-Fellows

Quit His Job; Made $300k for Client

"Steve's teachings opened my mind to a 'new way' of marketing, and then to how I could become a consultant and sell my services to new clients. I was able to quit my 9-5 job and start my own marketing business.”

Jamie Houston

Made $4500 + $7800 for his Client

"They paid me $1500 setup and $500 per month for 6 months...”

Brian Culley

And I have hundreds of more testimonials from my successful students…more on that later...

If you’re like me and my students, you could always use new customers.

But not just any new client will do!  
Some clients suck.
Some clients are…

Slow to pay.

You want clients that pay you the same day you invoice them...preferably an hour or two later...

Comparing you to cheaper alternatives.

You want clients that know and understand the real value you bring to their business so that you command the respect and the money you know you deserve.


You want clients that are not blowing up your phone, your email, or thinking they own you.

YOU are an Asset and not just another monthly expense.

Get Clients that stick around long term. Not just for a few months...but for years.

One of my clients has paid me $3,000 per month for over nine years!

I’ll do the math for you.$324,000.00 (Three Hundred Twenty Four Thousand dollars)…and counting.

You want clients that reach out with random emails thanking you for your help.   They let you know all of the amazing things that are happening in their life and business is because of YOU!

As an added "bonus" they send you amazingly high-quality referrals.

Let me ask you a question. If you had a business that you had just "magically produced" thousands of dollars in revenue in less than an hour...and tens of thousands over the next few days and they sent you a you think that lead would be red hot!  Nope. It would NOT be a red hot would be WHITE HOT!

How do you get white-hot leads and amazing clients?

You make them a boatload of money!

It’s that simple. Provide a service that produces measurable results in 3 days or less!

Made $300,000.00 for one of his clients...

"One campaign generated nearly $300,000 in sales for a client, and we had people responding within minutes of the first email being sent!

Jamie Houston

One of my clients had a sale for $4,000 within twenty minutes!

Brian Culley said ...

My client just generated $7800 in new business. They are thrilled and want me to run it again!

All of those are great examples of what can be achieved, but...

What if you had a client and you made them a whopping THREE MILLION DOLLARS!

For reference, that’s 3X more than Dr. Evil’s going rate :)

Made $24,000 + $3MM for his Client

"I took Steve's concepts and signed up a client for a $24,000 campaign that closed 3 new clients worth over $3,000,000.

Jay Harmon

When you discover the proven strategies and tactics that I  and my students are implementing that end up creating a surge of sales and cash for local businesses, you’ll see why charging them $1,500 for a setup fee and recurring of $500 is a complete no-brainer for the business. I charge much more and so can you.

Business owners will LOVE you
because you’ll be providing measurable results. Unlike SEO, Website Design, Social Media, and Reputation Management, those can take a long time to produce results and are difficult to track and measure.

Many of you go to sleep every night with that gnawing feeling that opportunities are falling through the cracks. You're not finding and keeping new clients or booking enough gigs. Customers are fleeing to the competition, or worse yet, forgetting about the wonderful products & services you work so hard to deliver.  

If you are ready to change YOUR life, AND you want to truly make an impact on the lives of business owners, you are in the right place at exactly the right time.

Introducing Offline Funnel Mastery

If you are ready to step up your marketing game, you owe it to yourself to continue reading and discover all of the benefits of being an exclusive member of OFM. (Offline Funnel Mastery)

The doors to my exclusive Offline Funnel Mastery have been closed for almost 6 months.
I’m opening the doors for a limited time to accept more members...

Get in now before enrollment CLOSES!

Here’s what you’ll have access to when you become a member of Offline Funnel Mastery.

Courses taught in easily digestible topics

Each video lesson has a ‘cliff notes' version with timestamps so you can skip to the part that you want.

Step by Step Action Plan

Topics laid out in "Action Plan" order so that you know exactly where you are and what you need to do next.

Professional Training

This is a favorite of all of the OFM members. They love the live training that gives them strategies and the confidence to quickly and easily implement action steps to get them results….FAST.


You’ll discover other strategies from some of my business partners.

Rob Calhoun
Automation Master

Rob is my right-hand man that takes care of support and the technical aspects of OFM. Rob is an absolute master with automation and workflow.

When you implement my LEAC Proof Funnel™ you’ll be glad that you have Rob in your corner and his training to refer to.

Rob is one of my most successful students. He is the definition of “when the student becomes the teacher and master.”

Courtney kostelecky
Copywriter Extraordinaire

Courtney has been a copywriter for over two decades. He comes from a corporate background working for major corporations like Yahoo! and Microsoft, before starting his "second act" working with other entrepreneurs and business owners.  

Along with his copywriting skills, he brings his extensive real life experience and strategy to the OFM community. Other marketers hire him for consulting and copywriting.

That’s how we met. I hired Courtney to help me with a webinar and some copywriting. He currently lives in beautiful Puerto Rico.

Community of Success

The OFM community has your back 24/7/365. Many members tell me that this is a "priceless" piece of the OFM membership.

LIVE training and Q&A

Every other week, there will be LIVE training. These training sessions are critical to keeping you on top of what’s currently working and new developments that I and other members are having success with. You’ll have an opportunity to get your burning questions answered. Ask us anything about the content in OFM, getting clients, implementing funnels, or anything else. You have an amazing pool of peers and professionals to make sure you get the right advice.

If you are ready to get started...

Here are some of the lessons you’ll have instant access to once you are part of the exclusive OFM community…

Build Recurring Revenue

How to build a recurring revenue stream where business owners happily pay you thousands of dollars monthly. Take advantage of what some are calling a Billion Dollar Industry waiting for you in your own backyard.

The Foundation

You’ll discover why you’re important and why businesses will happily pay you thousands of dollars each and every month.

The 12-month client planner

When you show them this, they’ll understand the value of retaining you for an entire year or longer…

The 7 core essential funnels

These are little ATMs that continuously follow up and spit out leads and money for you and your clients when you implement them. Funnels like...

The 7 Core Funnels

  • Ignition
  • FollowUpForever™
  • Nurture
  • New Customer
  • Referral Booster
  • Revenue Per Customer Booster
  • SalesCPR™

OFM isn’t only about funnels, getting clients,sales and strategy.

You Need To Build Your Business On A Solid Foundation and Get Clients FAST…

Some of the lessons in this section include…

How to land your next client

Follow this advice and you could have a new high ticket client this week!

The #1 funnel I run for clients

This makes their cash register ring in three days or less.

Client onboarding system

Learn from the mistakes I’ve made over the years. You’ll see the exact process I use to bring on new clients to virtually guarantee your (and their success.)

Bonus Lessons!

How to protect your assets

You’ll get practical advice based on my personal experience. *Note* I’m not a lawyer and I don’t even play one on the internet.

Tracking, segmenting and scoring

You’ll learn how to properly track and segment your client’s leads and effortlessly move them seamlessly from one funnel to the next and EVEN have them in multiple funnels!

How to get past the gatekeeper

Learn proven ways to get to the decision-maker to close the deals.

Much more!

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is an extremely rewarding experience. The truth is that sometimes we get ‘stuck’ or we want to push forward to know what is possible with this exciting opportunity. That’s why I’ve decided to include...

Inspirational Case Studies

You’ll learn and be inspired by case studies from some of my successful students. I can’t wait to feature you!

Okay, Steve how much is this going to cost me?

If you are looking at this as just another ‘monthly expense’, then this might not be right for you. If you recognize the crazy amount of value that OFM delivers, then this will be an absolute game-changer for you. 

Here are what some members of OFM say...

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety. If you haven’t got great testimonials yet, then check out our article on the secret to getting raving testimonials for your online course

Leon Calhoun

Steve's a great guy and one of the few I trust

"I've learned more from OFM training sessions than all others combined. Steve's a great guy and one of the few I trust."

Will Simms

My mind is going into overdrive and can’t wait

"I’m digging into Offline Funnel Mastery and wondering how I am going to be able to sleep. My mind is going into overdrive and can’t wait till I get into the implementation stage."

Ron Bartling

Quickly went from zero... to a funnel full of warm and hot prospects

"I took immediate, decisive, focused although imperfect action after our coaching call and very quickly went from zero people in my "7-iron funnel" to a funnel full of warm and hot prospects."

Linda Spector

Your system makes the most sense

"Of all the marketing specialists I have come across, your system makes the most sense to me in terms of helping the majority of businesses."

Carol Santella

One of the best investments I have ever made

"This has to be one of the best investments I have ever made. These modules have been so helpful; information and guidance in ways many others that were/are more expensive couldn't touch."

Suzette DesJardins

I feel confident that I could make a presentation with a client/prospect right now!

"Steve really knows his stuff, but beyond that, he knows how to teach what he knows in a way that makes it fun and easy to learn! After today's session, I feel confident that I could make a presentation with a client/prospect right now! ;)"

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What happens next?

Once you complete your purchase you will get an email with your login credentials and access instructions. (make sure to white-list all of our email addresses).

How long do I have access to the members area?

You maintain full access to the entire membership area, plus all future content, bonuses and "Reward Offerings" for as long as you keep your membership current and in good standing.

What program do your funnels work with?

You will learn "Proven Processes" in Offline Funnel Mastery. That way you can implement them into any program. Many of these processes will also be offered in FunnelKits (powered by ActiveCampaign). 

How can I reach your support?

Any issues whatsoever, open a support ticket here

Is Offline Funnel Mastery Right for You?

OFM is not for everybody. Let's look at who is likely to get the best results.


  • You are a success minded business owner and/or consultant that likes to be shown proven processes to improve your business.
  • You are action oriented and don't mind putting in the time to learn and implement proven processes.
  • You like to surround yourself with other success minded entrepreneurs that support each other, share best practices and embrace proven processes.
  • You understand that having the right strategy is the top of the food chain, and that having the right proven processes for your business is more important than falling for every new technology and bright shiny object.


  • Stubborn individualists who would rather spend years learning, and making mistakes instead of implementing proven processes.
  • Impatient wannabe's who are looking for overnight ways to get rich quick instead of patiently working and tweaking proven processes that are built for long term success.
  • "Wind Sock" people who have trouble committing to proven processes because they change the direction of their business as often as the weather changes. (Actually, it's ok if you've had trouble with this before, as long as you're ready to stop it now).

Offline Funnel Mastery