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1:00 How to help businesses

How to help them and us?

2:44 Number One Goal: Member retention

4:50 Number two: Revenue

5:15 What businesses DON’T Want…

    • SEO
    • Reputation
    • PPC

6:40 Why they don’t want…

  • Confusing
  • Don’t Understand it
  • Like going to the Dentist
  • Been burned

8:30 What they do is WRONG…

  • Doing what they’ve always done…
  • Doing what everybody else is doing…
  • Going after “New”
  • Ignoring Past Customers

12:00 Biggest problem: They don’t have a system in place

  • No list
  • No messages
  • No Differentiation
  • Can’t Measure

15:05 You don’t just want to know how many people bought, you need to know the conversion rate

16:55 How to get their attention

  • Be Logical
  • Be Precise
  • Appeal to their Individual Needs
  • Get Referred (Influencer)

18:10 Why should I hire you?

(What makes you different?)

22:28 Where to find influencers

  • Chambers of commerce, Rotary, BNI, etc.
  • Meetups
  • Podcasts, blogs
  • Social media influencers
  • Radio/TV/Magazines/Newspapers
  • Offline Funnel Mastery

30:00 What businesses DO Want

  • Results
  • Measurability

34:40 Chatbots

35:00 ActiveCampaign

Moving more toward how people consume your messaging (time & channel)

38:00 “Technology changes nothing, but it improves everything.” ~Steve Rosenbaum

41:40 what’s the best way to use chatbots? – As a solution

43:00 Getting better response

45:15 Food festival – Would you like to capture those people?

46:15 It’s never about the thing, it’s about the solution

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