First Steps

Answering the questions new Offline Funnel Masters have on how to get started.
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2:42 Requests

5:41 The goal is this is an investment instead of just an expense. That requires getting a paying client.

9:00 Always defer to the quick start

9:24 Getting a Client

  1. Import contacts into lead management system
  2. Create a lead capture form
  3. Create a landing page to host your form
  4. Create emails with links to your landing page

Get Ninja Forms Free

13:40 Control your assets, build on a Self-hosted wordpress site

14:49 Create emails, 5 message series

16:00 Notepad++ for writing emails

Get Notepad++ Free


  1. Schedule emails in a campaign
  2. Assign contacts to campaign

21:50 Concern about SPAM re: Linkedin contacts

24:40 Complaint vs Opt-out

Mitigate complaints by addressing your contacts by source


27:29 Value of opt-outs


7.) Monitor results

Listening devices

Who's opened, clicked, gone to the page, finished the page, gone to the next page, who's gone to the website and looked at more pages to find out who we are?

28:54 Use a Self-hosted WordPress site



8.) Take action on best prospects (RWA)


9.) Direct other leads to “Nurture campaign”

A nurture campaign is just a string of messages that Educate, Entertain, and Engage (3 E's)


10.) Keep contacting & keep “listening”

36:33 A peek behind the curtain (Steve's automation in Ontraport)


42:40 Resources


Ten Steps

These are the ten steps outlined in today's training on a single page


These are the slides (in pdf) from today's webinar.


43:10 Low hanging fruit

Past customer (or past contact) reactivation campaign

Use an offer to get them to act in 3 days – Use urgency


47:09 Are these contacts too cold to add?

49:00 Do you have SalesCPR™?

52:00 Referral Boosters

53:29 Customer expense booster

(New customer campaign)


54:44 Forever follow up (Touch base campaign)

58:26 If you're not already there, join the Facebook group and ask questions.



Ten Steps

These are the ten steps outlined in today's training on a single page


These are the slides (in pdf) from today's webinar.




NinjaForms is a robust form tool that you can start off free and build as you go. You only pay for the parts you need.

This  is a powerful tool you'll be using as your new goto for plain text, especially when you're writing email campaigns.

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Sally Dime February 2, 2021

LinkedIn contacts: Just to confirm, does this mean we can get LinkedIn contacts’ emails without violating any rules?

    Rob Calhoun February 2, 2021

    At one time you could get them directly from LinkedIn. But when Microsoft bought out LinkedIn, that changed. It’s still possible to get leads off of LinkedIn. But it takes more effort than simply downloading them. Steve goes into that in LinkedIn Dominance.

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