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Tips for Success in Offline Funnel Mastery

Make a commitment to set some time aside to log into the Offline Funnel Mastery member area and do the following steps below as soon as possible:

I suggest this for a reason. There is a LOT of information in the member area and I don’t want you to get distracted.

My team and I have organized the content sequentially, so it's best to start at the top and work your way down.  If you follow our lead, and TAKE ACTION everyday, you will have the best chance of making this all work for you.

Hot Topics: Timely information to boost your business success.

Gold Lessons: Concise topics provide an introduction to the “Foundation” and “Strategy” behind becoming an “Offline Funnel Master”.  Try to get through these as quickly as possible the first time, and come back to them often as needed.  You can mark them complete and mark your favorites as you go along.

Gold Advanced Training: In depth training on the “Core Funnels” and “Building Your Business” guide you in setting yourself up for success..

Bonuses: Hand-Selected additional training brings you additional value and benefits.

Success Stories: Get Hand-Get Excited and Inspired by the success of other Offline Funnel Masters from around the world! Learn Best Practices. Let Steve know about your own “Success Stories”. Maybe you'll be the next chapter!

Recent Webinars: Missed the live training? Replays of the most 5 recent sessions will be held here for review before being removed.


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